Hannibal Buress’ ‘Al Dente Dentist’ Website From ‘Broad City’ Is A Real Thing

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01.16.15 3 Comments

If you clicked on this article I’m assuming you’re probably already a fan of Broad City, which returned this week at the top of its game. Holy crap was that a fantastic episode, and made me happier than ever that the show is back. Of the many, many excellent jokes in the season two premiere, “In Heat,” one involved Hannibal Buress’ character Lincoln, who is a dentist, maintaining a website called “The Al Dente Dentist.” (It should be called “The Aldentist.”)

So OBVIOUSLY, I should have known that Comedy Central and Broad City would be sharp enough to actually have that be a real site, and gloriously it is. Here’s just a sample of the recipes to be found at thealdentedentist.tumblr.com:

Farfalle with Watercress, Cherry Tomatoes, and Feta (cheese)

1. Boil your lil butterflies (farfalle) to al dente perfection
2. Blanch the tomatoes and watercress
3. Pour the pasta over tomatoes, feta, and watercress
4. Enjoy your new slim figure everybody

And of course his ratings scale is in meatballs. I hope whoever is running this keeps up with it, because I need more cooking tips from beloved fictional characters in my life.

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