‘Hannibal’ Director Discusses The Most Disgusting ‘Birthing’ Scene In The History Of Network Television

If you’re not caught up on Hannibal yet, you may want to back way, although the discussion in the video below is about two scenes from “Su-Zukana,” the episode from two weeks ago. Specifically, the episode’s director Vincenzo Natali talks with Dave Chen, a buddy of mine from Slashfilm, about the horse “birthing” scenes in that episode, and by that, I mean the scenes in which human beings are pulled out of a dead horse’s belly. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE EATING.

They were super cool scenes, although I find it interesting that the two most difficult aspects of the first one for Natali were 1) finding an actresss willing to squeeze into the belly of a horse (it’s not a real one, of course) full of liquid with a respirator, and 2) pulling her out without revealing a nipple.

“This being a network show, the worst thing you could possibly show is a nipple,” Natali says. “There’s no problem cutting open someone’s chest or murdering someone in any number of repulsive ways, but nipples are absolutely verboten.”

That line being delivered is extra ironic because as he’s saying it, we’re watching a man pull out the guts of a horse. Network television is so silly, but this explanation of those scenes is seriously bad ass.

Source: Dave Chen