Hasan Minhaj Gives A Powerful And Humorous Comment On The Fears Of Being Muslim Under President Trump

If the election night special for The Daily Show was a punch in the gut, the day after show has been a sore that just doesn’t seem to want to stop thumping. The folks on the show are still coming to grips with Donald Trump as president and unlike the other days of the year, this one seems to have hit pretty hard. They’re not holding back their feelings while balancing it with some humor.

Hasan Minhaj really defined this with his take on the election and what it means while being Muslim in America. There’s been a slew of people tweeting about people of color, immigrants, and Muslims following the election, but it’s been rare to hear from those people themselves and what is likely facing them in the coming years. There’s a big question mark about what will happen under President Trump and Minhaj really captures that, especially when talking about his mother’s chances of getting back in the country. There’s no indication that she won’t be able to make it, but that doubt is powerful.

Meanwhile, Noah opened the show trying to clean the slate for President Trump and echoing Hillary Clinton’s words about working with him. This was undermined a bit by the jokes and attitude throughout, then killed by Michelle Wolf and her emotional take on missing out on the first female president in history. There’s plenty of people who really thought it was going to happen, so you can’t blame them for getting emotional after it was taken away — though it’s definitely not a sole reason to elect someone president.

Wolf almost breaks down the end though and it really sets in that this is all real. This is where we all and President Trump is going to be the man that leads us into the future….hopefully.

(Via The Daily Show)