HBO’s ‘Deadwood: The Movie’ Teases The Banter Between Good And Evil, Along With A Release Date

For three seasons of HBO’s Deadwood, Timothy Olyphant’s Seth Bullock and Ian McShane’s Al Swearengen wore the traditional (although somewhat metaphorical) hats of good and evil. Of course, their characters were much more layered than mere labels, and some lines blurred substantially as the series continued (and blindsidingly ended). Fans grew to adore Swearengen while always revering Bullock, and the new teaser for Deadwood: The Movie plays off this dynamic. I still can’t believe this is happening after more than a decade of starts and stops, but here we are, and it is glorious to anticipate.

Of course, we see a bunch of familiar faces here. There’s Trixie, Alma, and Sol Star, and although Calamity Jane is nowhere to be seen, there’s a hangin’ to be had, and Bullock refers to some high stakes. Of course, Swearengen chides his foe for always going straight at things, at which point all hell breaks loose. Oh, and what a mustache on Olyphant, right? Maybe Seth Bullock has spent all his time growing that thing for the 10-year time jump. If that’s the case, this will be worth the wait.

HBO’s Twitter account also dropped this tweet with a morse code message:

It reads as follows: “THE DEADWOOD MOVIE PREMIERES MAY 31.” Boom.