HBO Made Necessary Video Tributes To Two Dead ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Characters

If you haven’t watched Sunday’s excellent episode of Boardwalk Empire yet, do so now. Then come back here, though not before pouring one out, or maybe drowning a Prohibition agent, for the two characters who were gunned down: Chalky (Michael K. Williams) and Van Alden (Michael Shannon).

I’ll have a longer piece later in the week detailing how, despite a rocky start, Boardwalk is putting together a doozy of a final season, so all I’ll say for now is: it’s a shame that just when the writers finally figured out Shannon is really funny (yet still frightening), they killed Van Alden. I still think about “why must it always be pandemonium?!” at least once a week. R.I.P. you fork-faced undertaker.