HBO Spent $200,000 To Keep An Important Nude Scene Under Wraps

The biggest story from the set of Game of Thrones Season 5, so far, has been the hullabaloo surrounding a controversial, but important nude scene featuring Lena Headey. As you may recall, the town of Dubrovnik, Croatia — where a sizable chunk of the new season is being filmed — put the ixnay on the scene over religious concerns before relenting and allowing HBO to shoot it within certain parameters, which they did last week. And guess what: it turns out shooting a widely publicized nude scene in the middle of the street for a popular television show can get kind of expensive. Like, say, $50,000 a day expensive, if TMZ’s sources are to believed.

Spoilerz ahead.

According to our GoT spies … more than 200 security guards were hired to protect the set while shooting the “Walk of Shame” scene — where Lena’s character Cersei walks stark naked out of a church and through town. We’re told the 4-day shoot in Croatia got so pricey because of the added crew — and producers having to pay local shop owners to shut down and leave the area.

So … [indiscriminately slides beads around abacus] … that works out to something like $200,000 for this one scene. That’s a lot of money, but if everything bookreaders say about the scene and all the drama leading up to it is true, it’s a pivotal moment in the series, and one they really need to get right. And the money thing might take care of itself anyway, as TMZ also reports that everyone on and around the set signed confidentiality agreements that threatened penalties up to $250,000. All they need is one person to blab and boom, $50,000 profit. It’s almost too easy, really.