Here Are 5 Reasons Why A New ‘Batman’ TV Show Needs To Happen

The other day, Dan told you about the character breakdown for TNT’s planned Teen Titans series, which will include Dick Grayson at a crossroads following the dissolution of his partnership with Batman. Though it’s not known if Batman will exist on Titans as anything more than a mention, this news does establish another potential entry point for the Caped Crusader into the DC TV Universe.

Already a (child-sized) part of FOX’s Gotham and coveted by Arrow/The Flash/Supergirl producer Greg Berlanti for an eventual Arrow guest spot, it seems inevitable that we will one day see Batman return to television. The question is, should it be as a guest appearance and a supplement to another character’s series, or are fans (and Warner Bros.) ready to give the Dark Knight a weekly showcase?

While I can’t deny the appeal of possibly seeing Batman team up with Oliver Queen on Arrow for an arc or the payoff of seeing young Bruce Wayne eventually grow up to become Batman on Gotham, I really want to see Warner Bros. trust that the appetite for one of the most compelling characters in the history of fiction — graphic or otherwise — is insatiable and absent the need to be strictly rationed. And that’s a view that you would think that they would agree with since…

DC’s TV Universe And Their Film Universe Is Obviously Split.

The Flash is Grant Gustin on television and the Flash is going to be Ezra Miller (though, despite reports, it’s not certain which Flash he will play) on the big screen. Add to that the different version of The Suicide Squad that fans will see on the big screen after seeing some of those same characters on Arrow, and DC’s embrace of a split world is obvious and also good for fans.

I don’t want to turn this into a Marvel vs. DC thing, because in the overview, both companies put out amazing products and have each had a hand in powering this “geek” takeover of pop culture. But… while I adore Marvel’s shared-universe strategy on the film side, it almost seems as though widening that scope to include television casts TV as a lesser medium that should feel lucky to get an occasional cameo from a Marvel movie character.

That subservience has often been clear with Agents of SHIELD. But while the Netflix/Marvel quartet of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and The Iron Fist will put the spotlight on more familiar comic book heroes, there is still a division between movie characters and TV characters and a hard limit on the amount of exploration that Marvel can pursue when it comes to characters like Captain America and Iron Man that are confined to one medium. Those divisions and limits don’t presently exist for DC thanks to their split universe. That is, unless they arbitrarily put them in place because they’re not willing to believe that…

A Batman TV Show Can Co-Exist With Ben Affleck’s Batman.

There is a lot of space between the two current live-action versions of Bruce Wayne. On Gotham, David Mazouz plays the future crime fighter as a 12-year-old and in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne will be well established and in middle-age. You could argue that the intervening period between Batman’s teenage years and his 40s and 50s was effectively portrayed by Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, but the fact is that The Dark Knight Rises will be four years old when Batman V. Superman opens, and while that isn’t an eternity, it’s only a year less than it took for Sony to do a hard reboot on the Spider-Man franchise.