Here Are The Most Tweeted-About TV Shows Of The Season

06.03.14 4 years ago 9 Comments
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By many metrics, Breaking Bad was the most popular show on TV last year. It was in #1 in Drama Series with Tableside Guacamole, #1 in TV Shows Starring Neo-Nazis and Breakfast Cereals, and #1 in Not Being Low Winter Sun. Unfortunately, none of those numbers mean anything to advertisers, but this one does: according to Nielsen, the final season of Breaking Bad ranked #1 on the list of the “top 10 series on Twitter…setting the record for reach of a single airing as well as average over time.”

Tweets about the series finale on Sept. 29, 2013 reached 9.1 million people across the night. The cast was a big part of the conversation, as 51,000 Tweets mentioned @aaronpaul_8 and 19,000 Tweets mentioned @BryanCranston. (Via)

Of those 51,000 Aaron Paul tweets, 50,981 used the word “bitch.” Here’s the full ranking.



TV isn’t so complicated to figure out. People like what they like, and what they like is my pilot for a show about a bald chemistry teacher living in a zombie and werewolf apocalypse, where the only other humans survivors are Spring Breakers, men who reek of cologne 24/7, a witch, and a singing and dancing presidential aide. Also, there are dragons everywhere. Instant hit.

Via Nielsen

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