Here’s A Jurassic Parks & Recreation T-Shirt, If You’ve Got $13 To Spare

I’m not usually in the business of promoting the Internet’s flourishing chintzy t-shirt industry (except when I am a part of it), but I am willing to make an exception here so I can bring this Jurassic Parks & Recreation t-shirt to your attention. It’s not exactly a new idea, seeing as the Jurassic Parks & Rec Tumblr debuted well over a year ago, but still, it’s a t-shirt featuring a tyrannosaurus with a Ron Swanson mustache. What’s not to like? I recommend buying 10-20 and handing them out to strangers on the street. It’s a great way to make friends.

And since we’re talking about Jurassic Park/Parks & Rec crossovers, allow me to toss something out there: A Parks & Rec episode where the staff comes up with some cockamamie plan to raise money or build a playground or cut down on pollution or whatever, and they bring in a local college professor to consult. And the professor is an expert in the fields of mathematics and chaos theory. And he has a leather jacket. And he’s played by Jeff Goldblum. I think you see where I’m going here.

(via Mel Got Served)