‘Community’s’ Jim Rash & Gillian Jacobs Played A Game Of ‘How Well Do You Know Each Other?’ Let’s Watch.

01.09.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

I would — obviously — never in a million years post a People “Up Close” celebrity video. I can only assume 95% of them feature a Rob Kardashian cameo. But there are exceptions to everything, and when our girl Gillian Jacobs tweets that she and friend of the program Jim Rash participated in a “How Well Do You Know?” game for People, well, I’m gonna share. Doing my part to promote Community Season 5 and whatnot.

So give it a go and you may just find out Gillian’s middle name and Jim Rash’s favorite Dean costume. No bonus points to you for already knowing Gillian’s middle name, you creep.


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