GIFs Of Don And Roger’s Struggles From This Week’s ‘Mad Men’

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05.05.14 18 Comments


It was a rough week for Roger and Don on Mad Man.

Turns out Margaret, er, Marigold joined a hippie commune. Roger decided to take a look and I had high hopes of this turning into the Roger Sterling Hippie Hijinx Hour.


But he came to a realization that maybe this isn’t the best way to go through life when there’s a four year old kid without a mom. Also, knowing your daughter sneaking out to get warm probably sucks.


Unfortunately, after confirming that Margret’s leaving her kid behind much like Roger left his, it’s ended in a lonely walk of sadness

Hello darkness, my old friend.

Hello darkness, my old friend.

Don’s also having a rough week. After being the last one to find out about the new computer, he’s now down to making pitches to Peggy. There’s only one way he knows how to get through it.


He’s totally sober.


Luckily, Freddy is there to remind Don that sobriety may be his best bet to get back to the top. Sure, it’s more boring, but whatever gets Lou out of the office.


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