This Korean Woman's Obsession With Wearing Bikinis Is TEARING HER FAMILY APART

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korean bikinis

There are worse things in life to be addicted to than bikinis. Running over one-eared puppies, snorting AIDS, oysters. But Yeonyun’s love of wearing all bikini everything is wearing on her parents, so much so that, according to Asia One, “her mother said that she no longer wants to go swimming.” YEONYUN YOU MONSTER.

Television programme Martian Virus said that Yeonyun loves wearing bikinis so much that she wears them at home all the time. The fact that her father and grandmother are at home with her does not bother her at all.

The confident lass has so many bikinis that they take up seven compartments in her wardrobe. (Via)

My god. Think of all the Snack Packs and single mittens you could put into those cubbies instead.

She has a 34-24-35 figure and yearns to be a bikini model. On the programme, Yeonyun said that she has come to treat her house like a fashion catwalk and changes in and out of bikinis constantly when she is home. When she’s at the bikini shop, she does the same regardless of the gazes and stares she attracts from male customers and bystanders.

While Yeonyun is happy to show off her figure and strut her stuff, her parents are less happy about their daughter’s addiction. Her mother said on the programme that she no longer wants to go swimming after seeing her daughter parade in bikinis all day.

Even Yeonyun’s two sisters seem fed up with her obsession, saying that they are tired of it and wish for her to stop her strange behaviour.

As illustrated here:


THEY LOOK SO MISERABLE. SOMEONE STOP YEONYUN BEFORE SHE RUINS SWIMMING FOR EVERYONE. She’s the “wait thirty minutes before going back into the pool after eating lunch” of people.


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