Here’s The Stunning Second Trailer For DC’s ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow has looked great since the first trailer, but this trailer lays out the wider plot in more detail. And it looks like Back To The Future with superheroes.

The basic plot is still there: Defeat Vandal Savage before he literally takes over the world. Which, in this trailer, involves traveling back to the 1970s and getting in barfights, because that’s how you truly effect the change you want to see in the timeline. It also appears that at various points, our superteam will be tempted by the ability to change the timeline to suit their needs… which, as we all know, never goes well, and this appears to be no exception. And, of course, both Arrow and the Flash will be turning up, because these shows love crossing over.

Also of interest in the trailer are the little tidbits scattered here and there. For example, Vandal Savage says “I’ve seen men of steel die and dark knights fall,” which is probably the closest we’ll ever get to seeing Superman or Batman on the CW. The trailer also gives us a firm launch date of Jan. 21, so we’ll be seeing this team on Thursdays. We eagerly await the massive Arrow/Flash/Legends crossover awaiting us in May.

(Via Deadline)

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