The Highs And Really Highs Of 'The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco'

Judging by the responses on the Twitters and the Facebooks during last night’s airing, the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco — which we’d been very much looking forward to — was a huge success, as it was arguably the funniest since the network’s debut event with Denis Leary as the target…errrr…honoree. As someone who watches these events with a fond, firm appreciation for the classic Dean Martin roasts, this one felt like a throwback to the good old days, as there were actual A- and B-listers in attendance and even on the dais to take shots at the hardest working stoner in show business.

From Roastmaster Seth Rogen’s opening routine to Nick Kroll’s hilarious impression of Evan Goldberg to Jeff Ross simply doing his Jeff Ross thing, I thought that the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco was a smashing success – I even thought that Andy Samberg’s bombing on purpose routine had some great jokes – so I’ve put together this compilation of clips for us all to enjoy until Comedy Central inevitably airs the unedited roast that will be far more raunchier than what we saw last night… if that’s possible.

(All videos are NSFW for language, so don’t watch them while your boss is sauntering by.)

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Seth Rogen as Roastmaster >>>>>>>>>>>> Seth MacFarlane as Roastmaster.

I wish people would stop with the “Who thinks this woman is funny?” routine. A lot of people do. If you don’t, cool. Ignore her. That’s how comedy works.

I loved his response to the Indian jokes, because it was perfect and true.

This bit didn’t go over as well as the others, at least out there in social media land, where everyone is a comedy expert. It was hit or miss, in my opine, but “You bag of sh*t” and “You melting donkey” got me good.

I can’t believe I ever questioned Kroll’s ability to dish it out at a roast. Long live the Douche.

Like with Silverman’s routine, I read several Tweets along the lines of “Why is this lady there?” and Leggero can do whatever she wants. She’s great.

I was partially convinced that the purpose of this roast – aside from being another of Franco’s strange artistic double-meaning endeavors – was to remind us that Hill isn’t a big a-hole like people have been calling him lately. Either way, it worked. He was hilarious.

This “President of Hollywood” routine was amazing. Hader should be a star and/or my best friend.

Jeff Ross just doing his Jeff Ross thing. I felt awful for how hard I laughed at the grandma joke.

Thank you, James Franco, for one hell of a Comedy Central Roast. Kudos to you, dicknoser.