Now There’s A Petition To ‘Rewrite And Reshoot’ The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Ending

Apparently not content with freaking all the way out on social media and creating their own versions of the finale, fans of How I Met Your Mother have taken things to the next level: demanding action from those responsible for the perceived injustice. Specifically, they have started a petition at demanding that CBS rewrite and reshoot the ending. It already has 7,000 signatures, which makes sense once you see what an eloquent and persuasive case it makes.


Rewrite and reshoot the HIMYM ending.

[Your name]

Simple. Efficient. To the point.

Anyway, there’s obviously no chance this will work (other than, like, a Funny or Die video a few years down the road or something), and for all I know it’s being done tongue-firmly-in-cheek (although the comments below the petition would seem to indicate otherwise). I’m just enjoying thinking about a world where this thing gets 20 million signatures by tomorrow and top-level executives at CBS panic and order a reshoot, but they can’t get any of the original actors back, and all the sets have been destroyed, so they’re forced to film it all in a Denny’s with replacement actors and try to pass it off as real. I vote for Jason Biggs as Ted.