Hmm, He Seems Like A Nice Guy

03.29.12 8 Comments

Television’s most lovable scamp violent drug abusing goon notable courtesan enthusiast something, Charlie Sheen, went on “The Today Show” this morning to promote his new FX show, “Anger Management.” During the interview, Sheen and Matt Lauer discussed everything from the new gig, to his exit from “Two and a Half Men,” to the turbulent year that got him to this point. Can you guys believe it’s been over a year since Sheen’s full-on “I am winning because I am an F-18 among other cuckoo reasons that I will now share with you at great length” meltdown? Time really flies when you stop giving a sh-t about Charlie Sheen, I guess.

I suppose the biggest disappointment about this video, besides the fact that it means Charlie Sheen is officially “back” and we’ll have to see his stupid face all the time again, is that “The Today Show” gave the interview to Lauer. I mean, sure, Matt Lauer is your big gun, and this was a notable interview, but JESUS NBC, Kathie Lee and Hota were RIGHT THERE. You could have sat Sheen down with those two loons, cracked open a bottle or twenty of wine, and let things get really, really weird. It would have been riveting television.

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