Honest BBC Reporter Is Honest About The Royal Baby Not Being News

A popular sentiment making its way through Twitter today is: “There’s no such as thing A Royal Baby. All babies are royal, in their parents’ eyes. #yolo.” While I disagree with the cloying conviction — I know babies, I’ve seen babies, and let me tell you: they ain’t all special, especially the ugly ones, but ESPECIALLY the Irish ones — I can’t argue with the message: the Royal Baby isn’t news. In fact, the royal family should only ever be brought up in one of two situations: 1) der Kate Middleton purty, and 2) when a conversation needs a good ol’ regicide joke.

BBC reporter Simon McCoy, for one, is sick of ALL BABY EVERYTHING, and he said as much on air.

The joke’s on us if the baby breakdances its way out of Kate and with a monocle in hand, exclaims, “Now what’s all this right there then, you daffy birds?” That’s news.

(Via Gawker)