In Honor Of Brad Pitt’s 50th Birthday, Here Are His 5 Most Embarrassing TV Roles

Brad Pitt turns 50 years old today, which probably makes some of you feel awfully old. He’s best known of course as one of the most popular movie stars in the world. But before his break-out role in Thelma and Louise, he had to slum it on bad sitcoms like everyone else. Seeing as how we are a TV site, I thought we’d celebrate Pitt’s 50th birthday with a look back at his embarrassing television roles. NOT INCLUDED? His stint on Friends, with then wife Jennifer Aniston, because that was great.

5. Dallas (1987) — Twenty-four year old Brad Pitt plays a teenage boyfriend of Charlie Wade, who is asked to go only on double dates because Charlie’s parents fear premarital sex if they are left alone.

4. Jackass — This is actually kind of cool, mostly because I didn’t know that Brad Pitt had ever hung out with the Jackass crew. He’s abducted, thrown into a van, and puts on a ape suit and goofs off with Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville, and Bam Margera. This was in 2002, after he was already super-famous.

3. Head of the Class — Another boyfriend role in 1987, again playing a douchey guy.

2. 21 Jump Street — This was in 1988, and here he’s playing a jock-y guy who is giving his friend sh*t for spending the night in jail.

1. Growing Pains — 1987 again, playing a James Dean-ish love interest to Carol Seaver. He’s like 25 years old, so I have no idea why his voice is so high. I guess his testicles didn’t drop until he turned 30.