‘House Of The Dragon’ Fans Are Divided Over Intent And The Consequences During A Big Battle Scene

(House of the Dragon spoilers will be found below.)

House of the Dragon’s season one finale featured one of the show’s biggest aerial battle scenes so far — and it’s left plenty of fans divided on just how much control Targaryens have over their dragons.

Episode 10’s “The Black Queen” examined the fallout following King Viserys’ death from Team Black’s point of view. After Rhaenyra Targaryen was crowned Queen on Dragonstone, her first order of business was to send her sons, Jacaerys and Lucerys, to secure allies in the North. Lucerys flew to Storm’s End to speak with House Baratheon but his Uncle Aemond Targaryen beat him to it and, before the kid could bow out gracefully, a wild, watery chase happened on dragon’s back. As Aemond taunted his nephew and Lucerys tried to escape their dragons, Vhagar and Arrax, seemed to disobey their riders, with the bigger of the two beasts chomping down on poor Luke and his baby dragon despite Aemond ordering her not to.

And, naturally, that accidental death scene — which is a far cry from what happens in the book — has left the internet divided on exactly why Luke died and if Aemond is really to blame.

We’ll start with the “mommy’s little war criminal” apologists who are firmly Team Green on this one.

But wait, the skeptics also make a good point, because would we even be here if Aemond Targaryen had just gone to therapy?

Still, the HOTD fans who seem to be coping the best are the ones just enjoying the absolute mess of this finale.