The ‘House Of The Dragon’ Audience Is Awe-Struck Over One Character’s Enormous Miscalculation (And The Coming Fallout)

(House of the Dragon spoilers will be found below.)

House of the Dragon exceeded most expectations with this first season full of even more Targaryen (and Hightower and Valaryon) soap operatics we could’ve reasonably expected. This prequel series is almost good enough for people to forgive that final season of Game of Thrones. We’ve got even more names to grow confused over now, this is true, but we have an abundance of loved-and-loathed characters already, and theories flew like the dragons themselves ahead of this week’s season finale.

The ending of the episode was a whopper and essentially sets off the Dance of the Dragons. Aemond, who so desperately wants to be Daemon (who purposely did evil this week), put his own misguided villainy to work and wreaked enormous damage. This damage appeared to be unintended as well, given that he seemed to want to scare the hell out of Luke after being denied the right to an eye for an eye? That objective didn’t work out as planned, given that Arrax is tiny, and Vhagar, well, enormous Vhagar did not control herself. Let’s just say that Rhaenyra’s reaction confirmed that civil war is definitely on the way. Luke and Arrax never stood a chance, and Aemond f*cked up.

Aemond realized that he screwed the dragon-pooch, and people came down justifiably hard on him (and Vhagar). This was dynasty-breaking awful.

HBO’s House of the Dragon airs on Sundays at 9:00pm EST.