A Howard Stern Fan Pranked MSNBC During Its Malaysia Airlines Coverage

If you’re the type of person who saw Jason Biggs’s stupid joke about today’s Malaysia Airlines tragedy and thought, “Well, that guy’s a dick,” you’re going to loathe this video. But if you’re the type of person who thinks there’s no situation or event that is free from humor, you might actually like it. Basically, this prank call to MSNBC has a little bit of something for everyone, except for people who would rather talk about fixing the world, in which case they’ll hate this, too.

Regardless, a man called in to MSNBC’s The Cycle earlier under the guise that he personally witnessed today’s Malaysia Airlines plane crash, and host Krystal Ball clearly did not see the punchline coming. Thank you, that’s about the only joke I have for this.

(H/T to Guyism)