Hugh Jackman Was A Refreshing And Unexpected Voice Of Reason On Gun Control On ‘The Daily Show’

Editorial Director
09.19.13 101 Comments

I’ve contended for as long as I can remember that Hugh Jackman is a pretty swell guy. Mainly because of how well he handled that pubes-tossing incident, but also because he seems like a really bright and conscientious person who doesn’t take himself all that seriously.

Last night my respect level ratcheted up a few notches as he discussed his new thought-provoking thriller Prisoners, which became a jumping off point for a Daily Show conversation about gun control where Jackman — an Australian — provides some really insightful and objective third party observations, touching on how our political issues are viewed by the outside world and how Socrate’s gadfly principle applies to a country with such a large and diverse population as ours. All while being incredibly respectful.

The non-Prisoners related conversation begins at the 3:00 mark.

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