Hugh Jackman Shows Bizarre Almost Superhuman Ability To Hop During Tony Award’s Opening Number

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Last night’s Tony Awards, uh, hopped off with Hugh Jackman literally bouncing for nearly four minutes before segueing into a quick song-and-dance number, which is impressive because I don’t know anyone who could bounce for that long still be able to speak. But this is 45-year-old superhuman Hugh Jackman, whose heart rate was probably barely above its resting rate after that bizarre opening sequence. My heart attack I’m pretty sure would’ve come around the 50 second mark, if not earlier.

Why did he hop for four minutes, anyway? Was he paying tribute to the kangaroos of his native country, Australia? Nope. Apparently, it was an homage to Bobby Van’s bopping routine from 1953 musical, Small Town Girl. I wouldn’t call it the most exciting or entertaining opening number in awards show history, but it was at least memorable.

Via Vulture