Hugh Laurie Is Another Kind Of Doctor In The First Trailer For Hulu’s ‘Chance’

Hugh Laurie as a doctor? Get out of here, that will never work. Er.. actually maybe it will, just give him a cane and a god complex and an addiction to pills and boom, there’s a hit show on Fox.

Right, but that was many years ago now. House is no longer in our lives, which means we’ve gotten to see Laurie in some other, non-doctor incarnations like the scheming Tom James on Veep and arms dealer Richard Onslow Roper in The Night Manager. But doesn’t it feel like if he’s going to keep doing TV, he should play another doctor? You feel me, right?

Well apparently, Hulu does as well which is why we’re only a couple months out from seeing Laurie return to the medical world in Chance. Only this time, he’s a forensic neuropsychiatrist, he’s in San Francisco, he’s involved in what appears to be a nefarious plot that may involve murder as it pertains to one of his patients. Per Vulture, the trailer for the show, based on a novel by Kem Nunn, displays Laurie in all kinds of dangerous-looking situations in which he seems confused and unsure of himself. A far cry from House M.D. to be sure, but admit it, you’ll watch.

(via Vulture)