Idris Elba And Chris Hemsworth Crashed Tom Hiddleston’s TV Choice Awards Acceptance Speech

Tom Hiddleston
just can’t catch a break. Despite his award-winning years performing Shakespeare at London’s revered West End Theatre before being cast as Asgardian blowhard Loki and the impressive credits he’s amassed since, it seems the handsome Englishman can’t quite escape the god-sized shadow of his breakout role. To make matters worse, he’s likely to serve as inspiration for a song or two on Taylor Swift’s next album. And despite being recognized as Best Actor by the TV Choice Awards for his thrilling performance in The Night Manager — a miniseries existing outside the Marvel Universe that doesn’t require him to don ridiculous horns — he still can’t ditch his superhero friends.

Hiddleston couldn’t receive the accolade in person seeing as how he’s in Australia filming Thor: Ragnarok, so he recorded a video acceptance speech. But before he can move past the preliminary pleasantries and onto the routine thank-you list, Thor co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Idris Elba stole his thunder, snatching the award right up. “Oh, is that for us?” Hemsworth asks before dipping into his own speech of sorts. Elba has his turn next, mocking the award’s design then wondering aloud why he wasn’t nominated for Luther. Eventually, the two relinquish the statue, and a smiling Hiddleston is left to pick up the pieces.

Watch the parade of accents and biceps above.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)