If You Love ‘The Walking Dead,’ Consider Watching These Shows During The Hiatus

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12.09.15 10 Comments

Less than two weeks after The Walking Dead finale, you may be feeling some withdrawal pangs. Unfortunately, there’s nearly three more months until the series comes back. What can you watch in the interim? Here are five other shows you may like, based on your love of The Walking Dead.

In the Flesh — If you love The Walking Dead mostly for the zombies, there’s a few other zombie options: Z Nation (which I understand is not very good), iZombie (which is cute fun), or The Returned (which is very good, but very slow). My suggestion, however, would be In the Flesh, a great British drama about zombies that have been “cured.” They still look like zombies, but their brain functions have returned and their cravings can be managed with medicine. It’s a big, giant metaphor for the immigration issue in the UK (and now, in the United States): People don’t want zombies/Muslims in their towns because they fear them, but the zombie-humans prove to be very good, honest, non-murderous people who just want to fit into society (although a very small percentage of them are into terrorizing).

The Leftovers — Personally, my favorite aspect of The Walking Dead is its themes about surviving grief and moving on in the wake of death. The Leftovers covers this terrain better than any show on TV, and the second season is also arguably the best season of television in 2015. It comes from Damon Lindelof, so there are some Lost-like quirks, but it’s a brilliant, challenging, and surprising series with some phenomenal acting and a few twists that will blow your mindhole.

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