If you’re offended, Chang the channel

You’ve seen him win a Teen Choice Award and jump out of the back of a car completely naked to attack someone’s face with his weird looking little armpit crotch (sadly, not on the same show), so does the image of Ken Jeong painted jet black offend or surprise you?

Tomorrow night’s episode of “Community” deals with Dungeons & Dragons, but it also deals with the very touchy subject of hilarious television blackface.  It was pretty funny when Our Gang did it.  Since then, not so much.  Ben Chang is obviously a lunatic and painting himself like a Drow from D&D and not pulling a Roger Sterling, but Shirley makes a joke about it being a hate crime in the commercial, so what’re you gonna do.  If you don’t know what a Drow is, they’re like the Viera from Final Fantasy Tactics without the bunny ears.  Also, I have no idea what Final Fantasy or Dungeons & Dragons are.

For more Community-related D&D dorkery, head back to November, when Matt posted an amazingly accurate Community Alignment.  Or don’t, and look slightly below these words.

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