Ilana Glazer Reveals How She Busted A Guy Who Faked Working On ‘Broad City’ To Meet Women

Warning fellas — don’t lie about being a writer on Broad City to get laid, or else Ilana Glazer will call you out on it. The Comedy Central star exposed a guy by name who lied about being a Broad City writer to get in good with a woman while on a date during a comedy routine last week, according to The Cut.

During the set, Glazer shared a story from a friend of a friend who said a guy she went out on a date with claimed he was a writer on the hit comedy sitcom. The guy even shared photos he had taken as a fan in 2014 with Glazer and her co-star Abbi Jacobson. The friend also said the man used a photo taken on set of the show during the creep-filled date as well.

The friend of the friend said the man even had the nerve to say the writing during last season was “weak.” According to Glazer, the writers room on Broad City is a four-woman team, which includes herself and Jacobson. “No men work on Broad City. Don’t f*** a dude cause you think he works on Broad City. Men are scary,” the comedian jokingly warned the women in the audience.

Listen to Glazer hilariously tell the story in detail below.

(Via The Cut/Mashable)