Important ‘Blacklist’ Season 2 Question: What’s Up With That Futuristic Space Jail?

09.22.14 4 Comments

The second season of The Blacklist premieres tonight, which is excellent news for NBC seeing as their current slogan is “Blacklist and Football and QUICK WHAT’S SOMETHING THAT RHYMES WITH FOOTBALL?” My dearest Burnsy covered everything you need to know to refresh your memory or jump right in cold, including which of the show’s characters didn’t make it out of the first season alive. Spoiler alert: Most of them. The Blacklist has almost a Game of Thrones-ian willingness to 86 characters you might think will stick around. And that’s the main characters. Extras and special guests get squashed like ants. At one point the show introduced a child and promptly killed that child off in a terrorist attack two weeks in a row, both times before the opening credits even started. The Blacklist does not play around.

But that’s not what we’re here to discuss. We’re here to look ahead to the new season. To ask some questions. One particular question, actually: What’s up with that futuristic jail cell from the premiere? You remember, this one…

I loved that thing. It was so ridiculously, fabulously unnecessary. Why did it need to open like that? How much did it cost? Why did they need to house James Spader’s character in what appears to be a jail cell for mutant supervillains and/or space criminals? Is … is he secretly Magneto? Does he have powers? I had so many questions about that thing and then, save for a brief appearance here and there, it more or less disappeared once Red agreed to start working with them on his list. This was infuriating. It was my favorite character on the show.

And so, with that in mind, I have a few questions heading into Season 2:

  • Do … do you think it’s okay? It had a rough go off it at one point last season when their compound got stormed. Did they repair it and clean it up, or is it just sitting there in a state of disrepair, covered in dust and weeds. Please say it’s okay. I’ll cry if it isn’t.
  • Does it have a new occupant or are they saving it for Red, just in case?
  • Do you think criminals are ever like “You’ll never get me to talk. Not even if you put me in that futuristic space cell” and the FBI agents are all “Hahaha. You? In the futuristic space cell. Hahaha, be serious. You’re just going to regular jail, bozo,” and it makes the criminal feel sad and unimportant?

I would like answers to these questions as soon as possible, producers of The Blacklist. This is important.

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