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04.17.12 7 years ago 9 Comments

In an attempt to increase her odds of taking home an Emmy, “Mad Men’s” January Jones has chosen to submit herself in the best supporting actress category instead of battling it out for best lead actress. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Edged out in 2011 for a nomination by newcomer Mireille Enos from “The Killing,” “Harry’s Law” star Kathy Bates, “Friday Night Lights’” Connie Britton, Jones’ “Mad Men” co-star Elisabeth Moss and ultimate winner Julianna Margulies of “The Good Wife,” Jones has submitted herself as a contender this year for supporting actress in a drama.

Her decision to jump categories follows the lead of Moss, who switched from lead to supporting in 2010, then back to lead in 2011. The moves helped to net Moss three consecutive nominations for the role of Peggy Olson — though, like fellow nominees Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks, John Slattery and Jones, Moss has never taken home gold.

This is a good decision on her part. Even though the article goes to say she’ll get more screen time as this season plays out, she really hasn’t had too much to do so far, and what she has done ain’t been that great. Plus, between Peggy, Joan, and Megan all getting a bunch of screen time, she’d probably have trouble overtaking someone with a more traditional “female lead” role like Marguilies (who is fantastic on “The Good Wife,” for the record).

But I think the most important part of this story, from a cultural perspective, is that it gives me an excuse to post the “Fat Betty” song that I’ve had in my head for a week now. Enjoy.

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