Did Amy Schumer Just Reveal When ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Will End?

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People say a lot of things when they are flush with the joy that comes from winning an award and vanquishing their rivals, but I’m not sure we’ve ever seen someone put a ticking death clock on their show the way Amy Schumer did Sunday night when she let slip the tidbit that the show has two more years left as she thanked her writers while accepting the award for best variety sketch series at the Emmy Awards. That would mean Inside Amy Schumer, which seems like it entered into the sweet spot of its existence in terms of cultural relevancy during its now award-winning third season, would end after its already-ordered fourth and fifth seasons.

Now, perhaps it’s fair to take this with a grain of salt since this was a spontaneous blurt of information in the midst of joy, but the timeline makes sense. And while fans of Schumer’s Comedy Central sketch show may feel not-so-great about its now-looming end, this might actually be good news.

With this summer’s success of Schumer’s Trainwreck, her upcoming HBO special, and her in-progress collaboration with Jennifer Lawrence, Schumer’s star is on the rise and any notion that she might immediately fly away from Comedy Central after this next season to focus on other projects wasn’t exactly far-fetched. These remarks, however, make that less likely. So, yay?

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