‘Invader Zim’ Is Returning To Nickelodeon As A TV Movie

Nickelodeon is sure that you — as a Pog-loving, Tamagotchi-playing, Dunkaroos-eating, Surge-drinking child of the 1990s — are going to love the Legends of the Hidden Temple, Rocko’s Modern Life, and Hey Arnold! TV movies.

So sure, in fact, that the network is also bringing Invader Zim.

The post-classic NickToons-era animated series, which premiered on the same day in 2001 as The Fairly OddParents, was more “adult” than most of Nick’s other animated fare, and because of that, it failed to find the audience it deserved and was canned after only two seasons (unlike OddParents, which is still on after 10 seasons and numerous made-for-TV movies). But Invader Zim gained a post-cancelation cult following; there’s a ton of merchandise (don’t believe me? Go to any Hot Topic) and even a comic book. Now, according to Entertainment Weekly, it’s also returning to Nickelodeon.

Four key original voice cast members — Richard Horvitz (Zim), Rikki Simons (GIR), Andy Berman (Dib), and Melissa Fahn (Gaz) — will return for the 90-minute movie, which picks up on a “perpetually desperate and delusional” Zim hatching a new plan to achieve his goal. (Via)

This idea isn’t stupid — it’s advanced. Anyway, cheer up, fans of Cousin Skeeter. There’s hope for a TV movie yet.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)