Iowa Man Steals Local Weatherman’s Identity To Pick Up Chicks

One thing the city of Ames, Iowa forgot to mention in its EPIC, internet-shutting-down song is that apparently the weathermen of Iowa are HOT. How hot, you ask? So hot, that dudes will actually pretend to be them to meet women online. I live in Philadelphia and the hottest weatherman we have is this guy. (Oh, Bill Henley, you silver fox.)

Matt Wendt, 24, of Davenport, Iowa is facing two years in the clink on two counts of identity theft after he impersonated KWQC meteorologist Greg Dutra using fake social media accounts to meet women who get hot for an extended forecast. The QC Times reports:

According to a story by KWQC-TV, Wendt used the identity of KWQC meteorologist Greg Dutra to create fake social media accounts to meet women.

“I posted a message on Twitter that had my girlfriend tagged in it, and a few moments later I got a direct message from a girl who was upset because she thought that I hadn’t told her that I had a girlfriend from conversations that we allegedly had on Facebook,” Dutra said in the KWQC story.

So that’s pretty creepy. But at least he kept it somewhat reasonable. I mean, he could have totally gone with like Chris Kirkpatrick from ‘N Sync or something, but then ladies be asking to see Grammys and sh*t, and you can’t have that. But a weatherman? Nobody questions a weatherman.