Even Beth Doesn’t Know What Beth Chose In The ‘Rick And Morty’ Season Finale

Contributing Writer

The Rick And Morty season 3 finale managed to pack a whole lot of story development into an adventure ostensibly about Rick feuding with the president of the United States, but not in the way many fans were hoping for. Rather than featuring more of Evil Morty or returning to whatever is happening with Tammy and Phoenix Person, the show instead carried on from episode 9’s ‘ABCs of Beth’ and the repercussions of whether Morty’s mom took Rick’s advice and abandoned her family, leaving a Beth clone to fill in.

We spent some time after that episode trying to analyze whether Real Beth or Clone Beth stuck around, and couldn’t come to a definitive conclusion. Funny enough, neither could Beth, who was stuck having an existential crisis after realizing she could be a clone and not even know it. In fact, all the happiness she was experiencing through the early part of the episode seemed to point to her being a replacement, a fact that was not missed by her or viewers.

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