Is ‘Community’ About To Be Cancelled? Uh, Looks Like It

NBC is picking up new shows left and right this week, including three new dramas and Casey Wilson’s sitcom Marry Me (more on those later today). And with every new series pick-up, the real-estate on NBC runs out. With Parks and Recreation returning, About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher looking likely, the sitcom slots are filling up quickly. What does that mean for Community? Well, early this morning, 12:46 a.m., to be exact, Chris McKenna — writer and executor producer of NBC’s Community — sent out an ominous tweet that suggested that the show may be dead.

Here’s the tweet:

Oh sh*t. But it’s not official, so NBC could still pick it up, right? RIGHT?

Here’s McKenna’s follow-up tweet an hour later.

So, in other words, Chris McKenna — who would know more than anyone — thinks that the series is about to get the sh*tcan. Let’s hope he’s wrong. Or it’s based on a bad hunch. Or he’s trying to goad us. Or he’s trolling us. Or SOMETHING. PLEASE GOD, WE NEED ONE MORE SEASON.

Source: Twitter