‘The Walking Dead’: Whose Voice Did We Hear At The End Of The Episode?

We’ll have a full The Walking Dead recap up in the morning, but there’s one questions asked by this week’s episode, “Always Accountable,” that requires our immediate attention. Specifically, whose voice was that on the walkie-talkie at the end of the episode?

Here are five possibilities?

Was that Glenn’s voice on the walkie-talkie at the end of the episode?

It didn’t sound like his voice. On other hand, who else is on those walkie-talkies that could possibly be answering? Could it be someone who discovered Glenn and is now with him? Or that took Glenn’s walkie-talkie? Some people have speculated, for instance, that Jesus — introduced later this season — will help Glenn escape the dumpster. Could that be the voice of Jesus on the walkie talkie?

Could it be someone back in Alexandria?

That seems less likely, because it’s still light outside, and during that time back in Alexandria, there’s no immediate danger. In fact, it’s around this time of the day that Maggie and Aaron were trying to escape Alexandria though the sewer system and the Alexandrians were fighting over canned foods. The blood and/or crack opening up in the wall didn’t occur until it was dark outside.

Was it the people we saw earlier in the episode?

The men who were trying to bring back the three people — who whose faces we didn’t see, save for the one who lost his arm — were also communicating on walkie-talkies. In fact, at one point, one man ordered the others to switch frequencies. Could they have run into trouble on their way out and radio’d for help?

The two people who abandoned Daryl and left with his motorcycle?

If so, forget them. They can beg for help all night.

(Comic Spoilers)

Was it someone from the Hilltop Colony?

There’s has been a lot of speculation that the people from the Hilltop Colony will be introduced this season; in fact, the two people who left on Daryl’s motorcycle may belong to that colony (more on that in tomorrow’s recap). Is it possible that this is how they are introduced to the show?

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