Is There A ‘Rap Sh!t’ Season 2 Release Date?

Update 8//3/2023: Rap Sh!t season two will now make its return to Max on November 9. On August 3, it was announced that the season two premiere would be delayed with the hope that the strike would be resolved by the November 9 premiere date.

Update 7/10/23: Max revealed that Rap Sh!t season two will premiere on the platform on August 10, which leaves just a month before fans can dive into the new season. You can check out a teaser for season two below.

Original Article 7/8/23: It looks like season 2 of the critically acclaimed Max original, Rap Sh!t is finally on the way. Created by Issa Rae, Rap Sh!t tells the story of friends Shawna (Aida Osman) and Mia (KaMillion) reconnecting to form a rap duo. The first season ends on a cliffhanger, with Mia and Shawna about to go on tour to support a rapper named Reina Reign (Kat Cunning). As they are celebrating at the hotel where Shawna works, a group of cops shows up at the hotel, with the intent to question Shawna. Throughout the first season, Shawna, with the help of her co-worker, Maurice (Daniel Augustin), funds her and Mia’s studio and production costs using credit card numbers of various hotel guests.

With this ending, fans were left wondering: Will Shawna go to jail? Did Maurice rat Shawna out? Will Mia be forced to hold the group down while Shawna’s locked up? Does Shawna somehow manage to get away with it all?

But first and foremost, fans are wondering when Rap Sh!t will return.

Is there a Rap Sh!t season 2 release date?

Max shared some exclusive first-look photos with Complex, who reported that Rap Sh!t “will return this summer.”

A premiere date for season 2 has not yet been announced.