The ‘Always Sunny’ Eagles Super Bowl Spectacular Was A Love Song To A City

10.31.18 2 Comments


I don’t know what kind of pull you guys have with the universe but, if you can swing it, you should really try to have one of your favorite television shows do a two-part episode about one of your beloved local sports franchises winning a Super Bowl. That’s the main thing I’m taking away from the It’s Always Sunny Eagles Super Bowl spectacular, that it was cool and fun. For me. Was it as cool for fans of the show who don’t care about my favorite football team? That’s an interesting question and I don’t care about the answer at all because Tom Brady dropped a pass and then later Nick Foles caught a touchdown on a similar play, go Birds, grease the poles, etc. etc. etc.

The first half of the two-parter aired last week and featured Charlie in a Home Alone situation after getting left behind by Frank’s fancy party bus. The episode featured bear traps and urine drinking and paint can mishaps and, if we’re being honest about it all, made a pretty good case that Charlie Day deserves an Emmy nomination one of these days. Yes, it was all very gross and silly and not the high-minded comedy that usually gets recognized by voters, but it was also a one-man physical comedy tour de force unlike just about anything we’ve seen on television recently. Gotta be a place for that.

This week’s episode, the conclusion, focused almost entirely on the rest of the group as they embarked for the game in Minnesota. We learned how Charlie got left in the bar (Cricket stole the Green Man costume), we had travel misadventures (that were quickly solved via private plane), and we ended up at the stadium in a luxury box. This last thing brings up an important point: How… how rich is Frank? And how much juice does he have? Because those suckers aren’t cheap or easy to acquire at any price. Part of me demands a full accounting of his finances but also, again, I mostly don’t care, I’m willing to just accept it, go Birds.


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