Glenn Howerton Wants To Clear Up Something About His ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Status


Do not mourn Dennis Reynolds and his immortal D.E.N.N.I.S. system just yet. Glenn Howerton wants to clear something up about what’s going on with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and where he stands with the series.

Howerton’s new NBC series AP Bio (debuting February 1) coupled with the events of last season seemed to suggest the actor might be taking time away from Sunny for a while. His Sunny family didn’t confirm anything publicly about Howerton’s status with the show, either. Speaking to the Television Critics Association on Tuesday, Howerton attempted to clear things up about season 13 and beyond.

“I’ve not officially left yet and I hope people understand that,” said Howerton.

*dusts off hands*

Yup, that clears things up. I mean, it’s not like that phrasing invites further speculation or anything.

*squints extra-hard*

For f*ck’s sake! That “yet” isn’t completely squashing the idea Howerton’s future status is still up in the air, is it? Plus, with Howerton’s assorted behind-the-scenes duties on the show, that phrasing is destined to be analyzed within an inch of its life. The point is that Glenn Howerton “has not officially left yet” and he’d like you to know it.

Season 13 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is projected to arrive in late 2018, but that’s strictly industry forecasting at this stage.

(Via Indiewire)