The Darkest Moments Of Dennis Reynolds Will Make You Feel Much Saner

Every season, it really seems like the characters in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia unravel more and more, and what a fun ride it is to watch! We see Frank get more weird with his remaining years and remaining hair. Dee loses more and more hope and self-worth. Charlie gets better at killing rats and huffing household materials. As we see more and more of Mac’s repressed homosexuality, we also see the self-proclaimed “Sheriff Of Paddy’s” get more and more self-delusional. And let’s not even get started on the train wreck that is Rickety Cricket’s steep decline.

But the most interesting could be one member of the gang that keeps his true nature far more under the surface: Dennis Reynolds. Despite everyone else’s generally despicable behavior, the only one who really seems frightening is the Golden God himself. Over 11 seasons, he’s let us glimpse who he really is, usually in enraged bursts and slices of his deranged views on women and sex. In the video above, you can find the darkest moments of Dennis Reynolds, but below are some highlights of the man who has not begun to peak.

“I have to have my TOOLS!”

What Dennis hates most is to ever have his appeal come into question. From the very first episode, when he flirted with gay guys to get compliments and tips (but mainly compliments), it’s clear that he feeds on the approval that he is attractive and a Five Star Man. Some of his funniest moments are when that’s taken away from him, and we get to see the anger and bizarre demons come out. Just the exasperated way he says “I like to bind, I like to be bound” is perfect.


Another essential Dennis freakout.

The D.E.N.N.I.S. System

His dark rage aside, Dennis’ perspective on relationships in general is enough to be terrified of the man. He doesn’t even have to make mention of owning and using a voice changer when making his threatening calls because that’s completely normal.

His Failed Plan To Kill The Waitress

Dennis has killed before, right? Can we just be clear on that? No one else would be that bummed he doesn’t get to stalk and murder someone.