‘It’s Always Sunny’ Channels Screwball 1980s Skiing Movies In This Hilarious New Teaser

12.04.15 7 Comments

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns for its 11th season in January. Eleven seasons, to be clear, is a lot of seasons, and well past the point when many shows start running out of fresh ideas and getting a bit repetitive. For anyone worried that this fate is about to befall It’s Always Sunny, please take a look at the above teaser. Actually, please take a look at the teaser regardless of whether you’re worried about the show getting stale or not, because it is really just fantastic.

In fact, this is probably the flipside of that “entering your 11th season” coin. You have enough goodwill and credibility built up that you can get a little weird if you want. Like, say, making a teaser for the new season an homage to the type of screwball 1980s ski movies where a group of lovable townie scamps try to save their mountain from an influx of the yuppie elite, even though your show is set in a grimy bar in the mountainles region of metropolitan Philadelphia. That would be one example.

Unless of course this teaser is telling us that the gang is selling Paddy’s and opening a new bar in the Poconos this season. I mean, on one hand, it is definitely not telling us that. But on the other hand, would watch. Will watch either way, to be honest. Hurry back, you lunatics.

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