It’s Funny Because He’s Fat

I highlighted this story in the links yesterday, but none of you A-holes read the stories that I painstakingly compile for you, so here it is again: ScreenJunkies visited the set of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” where they learned that the normally fit and muscular Rob McElhenney had added fifty pounds to play Mac this coming season.

Why? For the sheer comedy of playing his character as a fat guy. “It’s been disgusting to watch him go through with this adventure,” said Charlie Day. “We were a little on the fence about it for his own personal health and safety,” he added, “but it has definitely made Mac a lot funnier.”

I absolutely love this story. The entertainment media always showers actors with praise every time they add or drop a bunch of weight to play a role, and it’s always for the “integrity of the story” and “being true to the character” and blah blah blah wank fart noise. And Rob McElhenney does it because fat people are funnier. Awesome. Now THAT’S dedication to your craft.