Guy Fieri Gets Roasted With Another Hilariously Filthy Lip Dub

(NSFW audio)

Tie your hats down with a rope, because Jaboody Dubs is about to blow them off. He’s the same guy who does dirty, sarcastic lip dubs of infomercials, and he’s back to doing what he’s arguably best at: lip dubbing that bowling shirt ensconced, pineapple-headed greaseball Guy Fieri. It would be difficult to outdo “Meatball Grubbin’” or any of his other Guy Fieri dubs, but he just may have done it this time with “Slippery Sausage and The Cannoli Trolly”.

Besides being creatively filthy, these dubs show Fieri saying things we could almost imagine him smugly spitting out between bites of food. For example, guess which of these two statements are a real Guy Fieri quote and which one Jaboody Dubs made up:

  • “You’re like a blackjack dealer at the Flavortown casino.”
  • “My stomach is kind of like Disneyland, but for dead things.”

And here’s the real Guy Fieri quote:

Does… does he think Flavortown is a real place?

Via Jaboody Dubs and Pleated Jeans