Jack McBrayer And Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Will Star In An Adult Swim Show

Adult Swim just announced their new slate of shows, and in addition to the previously announced Mike Tyson Mysteries (which, again, is a cartoon that features Mike Tyson solving mysteries with the help of a talking pigeon, co-stars Norm MacDonald and Jim Rash, and is already my favorite show despite not technically having premiered yet) and the one titled Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter (starring Councilman Jeremy Jamm himself, Jon Glaser), there was this, which I think is very important, and worth noting.

UNTITLED TRIUMPH/MCBRAYER SITCOM – Jack (McBrayer) is a former child star of a popular Lassie-type series that ran in the ‘80s and ‘90s. After it was cancelled, his crude but beloved co-star (Triumph) spiraled into decadence and got Jack in trouble with him. 15 years later, with Jack finally self-sufficient, happy, and away from show business, Triumph finds his way back into Jack’s life. This new half-hour live-action comedy series is created by Robert Smigel (SNL, TV Funhouse, Conan), Michael Koman (Eagleheart, Nathan For You) and David Feldman (Real Time, Dennis Miller Live), starring Emmy®-nominee Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (Conan), produced by Poochie Doochie Productions and Universal Television. [Deadline]

Adult Swim remains undefeated.