The James Corden ‘Crosswalk’ Clip That Launched A Thousand Jokes Is Here (Complete With Thrusting)

The “butthole cut” of Cats might not exist, but footage of James Corden thrusting while dressed as a mouse for another movie-musical is all too real.

“Crosswalk the Musical,” in which Corden sings and dances with the cast of a musical (like Josh Gad, Dan Stevens, and Luke Evans for Beauty and the Beast) at a busy Los Angeles intersection between green lights, is one of the most popular segments on The Late Late Show. But it went viral for an unintended reason last month when Twitter account Film Updates posted a video of Cinderella stars Corden, Camila Cabello, Billy Porter, and Idina Menzel stopping traffic and, well, watch at your own discretion.

The Late Late Show has now posted the official “Crosswalk the Musical: Cinderella” video to the show’s YouTube account for those who will only watch the cast of Amazon’s Cinderella movie singing “Let’s Get Loud” in HD. There is no reference to the internet’s response to the viral clip, but the triple-thrust is left intact. To be fair, the people in the car who filmed Corden look like they’re having a blast. Unlike this guy:


“I’m sorry, honey. I’m trying to get home to you and the kids, but there’s this British guy dressed as a mouse singing an old Jennifer Lopez song in front of me. Yes, I know I used that excuse last week, but I mean it this time.”

You can watch The Late Late Show clip above.