Is James Corden’s ‘Talking Mentalist’ Bit A Small Protest Over Scheduling, Or Is He Just Having Fun?

06.05.15 4 years ago 8 Comments

When David Letterman did his final show on May 20, the folks at CBS had a question on their hands: What do we do with the 11:35 time slot? Stephen Colbert’s show doesn’t begin until September 8, so that’s three and a half months of programming to come up with. They could’ve gone with Letterman reruns, or maybe even some classic episodes from the ’90s, but they instead decided to replace Letterman with reruns of The Mentalist.

No, seriously.

An episode of The Mentalist has aired in the 11:35 time slot every weeknight since Letterman’s departure. If you think that’s a bit strange, James Corden, who now has a rerun of the Simon Baker drama as his lead-in every night, agrees with you. On Tuesday and Wednesday, he started his show with a segment called “Talking Mentalist,” a spoof of Chris Hardwick’s Talking Dead, in which he and his guests discuss the finer details of the Mentalist rerun that just aired. The second night, he even gave us “Talking Talking Mentalist,” which should be self-explanatory.

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