James Franco on Colbert

James Franco was Stephen Colbert’s guest on “The Colbert Report” last night, and the interview (video below) runs a little long but is nonetheless worth your time, since you’re not exactly a doctor about to go into surgery, are you? And reading this blog is just one more sign why your parents are disappointed with the life choices you’ve made.

Anyway, Colbert runs circles around Franco, but Colbert runs circles around everyone. He’s certainly got a leg up on anyone who’s smoked as much pot as Franco. However, when the Yale Ph.D. student gets a word in edgewise, he addresses some interesting points. In part one of the interview, Franco thoughtfully responds to people who criticize his academic and artistic endeavors outside of acting. And in part two (which is a little more fun), he and Colbert argue about who’s the bigger Tolkien fan before Franco offers to work for “The Colbert Report” as its art consultant. Because, you know, he doesn’t really have anything else going on.

UPDATE: Even better was Colbert’s earlier piece about Franco’s busy life: