James Gunn Is Asking Everyone To Watch ‘Harley Quinn,’ So It Can Get A Much-Deserved Renewal

Harley Quinn recently made its way from DC Universe, the streaming service used exclusively by Twitter users with #SnyderCut in their bios, to HBO Max, where it’s hopefully a huge hit. It’s a really good show! One of the best of 2020. It’s funny, it’s silly, it’s weird, it’s violent and lewd, there’s a talking shark, and in one episode, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy plot to escape Bane’s Peña Duro North Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility, a.k.a. “The Pit,” on George Lopez’s helicopter while the comedian is doing a stand-up set for Killer Croc and other ne’er-do-wells. It’s a whole thing. You should watch, because if you don’t, Harley Quinn might not return for a third season.

On Wednesday night, The Suicide Squad director James Gunn tweeted, “Our dog barks at any animal that comes on TV. Including this animated hyena on @dcharleyquinn. The hyena is a still image. (Show is great btw),” along with a video of his dog barking at said hyena. Harley Quinn showrunner Patrick Schumacker responded to Gunn, thanking him for the shoutout. “Thanks for amplifying the show!” he wrote. “Will the much sought after James Gunn Bump help get us a season 3? (Seriously, have you heard anything? I have no idea.).” Gunn has no idea, but he did throw his support behind a renewal.

“Let’s hope. Everyone watch Harley Quinn on @hbomax and help get them a well-deserved season three! @dcharleyquinn,” Gunn tweeted.

Most fan campaigns are bad, but this is a good one. You + watching Harley Quinn on HBO Max = another season of Bane yelling about “splosions” and Andy Daly as Two-Face and Harley and Poison Ivy’s blooming romance. It’s that simple.