James L. Brooks Gave An Update On A Sequel To ‘The Simpsons Movie’

As you all know, The Simpsons is expected to outlive humanity itself, so there’s really no rush to make a sequel to The Simpsons Movie, which made more than $520 million, or 520 million tacos, at the box office. That might explain why 20th Century Fox reached out to producer James L. Brooks to see, y’know, if you guys aren’t doing tonight, would you maybe wanna write, direct, and animate another movie, possibly with a synergy-friendly reference to X-Men?

From a chat Brooks had with the Hollywood Reporter’s Stephen Galloway:

GALLOWAY: Is there gonna be another Simpsons movie at some point?

BROOKS: Um…we don’t know. Uh, you know, the-the…Um, perhaps.

GALLOWAY: But you haven’t consciously developed one?

BROOKS: No, no. We’ve been asked to but we haven’t. But we’re doing a lot of other stuff and that’s really…

GALLOWAY: What’s the challenge of taking it to a film?

BROOKS: I don’t know what it’d be like a second time. The first time it was, you know, we felt we were risking everything, risking everything about The Simpsons. What if the movie stunk and stuff like that. And I think it took us two years just to get loose. Just to breathe a little like we do on the show. And so it was a murderous two years until we got there. We had a script and then I was able to buy time for a while and then we had to agree to an exact deadline. It took us two years to try and act like we didn’t give a sh*t, which the show needs a little bit. You know, the show needs that quality. The movie needed that quality. (Via)

They’re already halfway there: The Simpsons Movie 2: Honk If You’re Horny. Make it happen.

Via the Hollywood Reporter