Jason Segel Discusses Paul Rudd’s Fascination With Urinal Pranks

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The last time Paul Rudd was on Conan, he mentioned that he enjoyed playing “urinal pranks” on Jason Segel during the filming of I Love You Man. While on his own guest spot, Segel expanded on what said pranks consisted of. After confirming that Rudd indeed pulls the Butters maneuver of using the urinal with his pants down, Segel also mentioned that Rudd would gradually step back from the urinal while peeing and would look over and compliment the penis next to him. Paul Rudd seems like a nice, but very inappropriate man.

For comparison’s sake, here the clip or Rudd’s previous interview. It turns out strangers don’t find these pranks nearly as funny, which is the shock of all shocks.

(Via Team Coco)